Birthdays? Anniversaries? Special occasions?

How do we celebrate and party in these crazy times? 

Your 2020 party are professional filmmakers who create with you a video package of stories, messages and photos from family and friends that is delivered to your special person, along with a gift. More than zoom or house party this is a lasting and loving video that captures and celebrates this moment in time.

One call and Your 2020 party is sorted.

Your 2020 party

Your 2020 Party – How it Works

Contact me 2-3 weeks before the party or occasion.

We discuss how many “guests” you would like.

The price of the package depends on the number of videos filmed – approximately $50 each.
You give me contact details of the guests and 10 photos you would like in the final video.
I contact your guests and set up a time to record a video call via Zoom with them.
This can be done anywhere around the world.
Each guest is recorded and invited to provide a photo or 2. If there 2 or more people at the same residency they can be in the same video conversation, and that equates to one video.

The quality of the recording may vary depending on the camera on their device and internet connection.

Once all recordings are done the material is sent to a professional editor who cuts the video messages and stories and edits the photos in.
When the final video is completed, I send it to you or the guest of honour via WeTransfer.
You have the option of having a gift delivered on the day as well, a choice of a cake, flowers, chocolates or wine for an additional cost.

That’s how we create Your 2020 Party.

Contact Julie 0403 032 409